spinning winter wheels

January 29, 2009

snow-crusted desire Two questions seem to frame my day at work now that the the weather has become frigid, ice-stormish, and snowful:

Upon entrance I hear, “I know you didn’t ride your bike today!” (generally paired with a why are you so crazy expression).

When I leave, I either receive “watch out for car doors” sarcastically offered or “be safe” from the more serious workers as I roll my bike onto the elevator.

Not only are such bike-related comments my day-frame, but people constantly question me about my decision to devotedly peddle the trip between my home and work.

Yesterday I was questioned why I ride my bike to work for the 121st time. So I provided 121 answers: Because I live close to my work and I want to take advantage of that fact. Because I’m interested in not polluting more than I already do. Because I want to live simply by not owning a car. Because it saves my house transportation money. Because it wakes me up in the morning. Because it means I can go and come whenever I want. Because I get to daily be a part of outside instead of glancing at it during dashes from inside to other inside. Because it’s not too big of a hassle to me. Because it’s good for me in endless ways.

But mostly the answer is that I can’t think of a good enough reason why I carry my with snow-filled eyesshouldn’t.

There are occasional days when I have second thoughts. Like yesterday and today when the weather forecast was “Pittsburgh: closed.” While most of the city holed up in basements with bottled water to hide from the predicted world’s worst snowstorm, I was blinded by watery snowflakes and trying not to get splashed on by water kicked up from cars while pedaling down the small snow-free strip in the middle of the streets.

And I’ll do it again tomorrow.


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