only looking for. . .

February 19, 2009

My eye has started to twitch lately.

Add that to my recent outbreak of shingles at the ripe age of 23 (“old people are usually the ones who get shingles. i guess for you it must be stress-related,” my doctor tells me), and the fact that my rib cage has been trying to explode its escape out of my chest lately, and it seems that most signs point to stress.

I’m not an apparently stressed out person. I’ve always considered myself only lookingrather laid-back: unconcerned about time, not too keen on planning ahead, ambling around town on my bicycle in routes that draw circles around my destinations, forgetting I own a cell phone for days at a time.

But lately I think a seemingly carefree attitude has been causing me this stress. Drifting doesn’t meld well with the day’s constant pressure to get things done. That inconsistency is maybe starting to get to me.

I can’t really tell if that’s it.

“Stress dissolves in Africa,” my doctor aunt who lived in Nigeria for years always suggests.  “When you live there, problems that you never even thought were related to stress unknowingly drift away.”

I wish that “immediately ship to lovely foreign country” was a valid doctor prescription.

Since it’s not, maybe tomorrow I’m going to stop drinking coffee.


One Response to “only looking for. . .”

  1. ericajadelynn said

    maybe tomorrow you’ll stop drinking coffee? just maybe?

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