a bucket of water for bathing

May 22, 2009

The morning was a bit more frigid than I’d hoped.

But I shoved the covers aside in an attempt to force my body to turn itself vertical and consequently awake.

The chilly greeting of life after bed.

The sunny forecast for the day had put my plans into motion to reinstate my summerly bucket showers. These involve a bucket half-full with warm water and a cup to distribute it over my head and body.

I stand naked in the still tub and dump the first cup over my head. And I remember. Remember the four months I spent doing this daily in Uganda. How the dorms at the university where I stayed had installed showers that offered only too-cold water for the American students who found trouble considering cleanliness apart from a constantly flowing stream from above. But the Ugandans knew better and taught me to warm water in a bucket and make my own streams flow.

Something I can never forget.

a bucket of water for bathing


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